Being parents of real heroes

Being parents of real heroes
“Don’t worry mom and dad I’m fine, the city has closed. Hope I’ll see you after Easter they need all the help here I’ll call you whenever I can ”

I remember well that summer of 1999, the discussions under the umbrella between parents mostly spoke of plans, dreams and hopes for their children adolescents. Among the many discussion there was one very far-sighted. My friend, who was the umbrella neighbor, father of a son and daughter of 15 and 11 years old, claimed that he would have to make a lot of sacrifices to get his children graduate. The sun was still high and my children were playing fixed in the water. My boy at the time was 13 years old while his little sister 10. I looked at my friend making a hole in the sand with my foot dangling from the deckchair:
“Fuck I know you’re right ….”
And so while the children were growing up, the parents were forced to do a great deal for their family. A natural obligation, they didn’t ask you to come into the world. If you let go, life takes the folds it wants. Parents must always keep their guard up. Preventing in every way that life takes a wrong turn is part of that natural obligation. The merit that comes, together with a dose of luck, sometimes manages to make the projects and dreams hoped for their children come true. The world goes on so fast that it is no longer possible to appreciate the successes achieved with sacrifices of the whole family. It always takes a special occasion to stop and rejoice or cry. A party, a birthday, a degree, an accident, an illness, a mourning.
Parents always in trouble, a nervous system destroyed by the vicissitudes of life. A mother always aware, a father “as a man” dreamer and apparently less aware. The phone call from his doctor daughter, who serenely announces that he cannot go home, arrives at the mother, the father is there listening in a cellular loud voice. The crying of the mother the smile on the father’s face after the call. The Corona Virus needs heroes to be defeated. The different thoughts of the parents eventually come together. That little girl, grown up watching her preferite tv commedies on doctors and hospitals, today wears full-face protections and overalls to assist the infected of Covid-19 in the intensive care units. Mum is sweet, she has understood that even after Easter she will not see her. Dad thinks his daughter is one with the biggest balls of an IM. Yes, we are parents of a real HEROES as are the other parents of doctors and nurses.


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